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All in one application-Document Scanner

Do you want to know about an application that can solve your problems related to document scanning and is present on your mobile all the time? So Download Today Document Scanner app from the Apple Store and Google Play Store which is a Document Scanning application. This application is completely safe and secure. In this application, you will get many features like Scanning Documents, ID cards, Books, QR codes and converting images to text(OCR) etc.

What you can do in that:-

  1. You can scan any document through this application in a few seconds.
  2. After scanning you can compress the file size as per need.
  3. You can modify your docs with the use of colour filters like original, vibrant, soft tone etc.
  4. You can also create or add your original signature on your important documents.
  5. You can also convert any document into JPEG/PDF format.
  6. With the help of OCR feature of this app, you can easily extract and copy text from images.
  7. You can also make your passport-size photograph in various formats.
  8. You can scan any QR code with the help of this app
  9. You can make your file password protected and easily share it with anyone.
  10. You can save your scanned docs on various cloud storages.

How to download this app:-

This app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store from where you can easily download and use it.

Download link:-


Keep your books in your pocket-Mohit(Document Scanner)

Document Scanner

At the time of examination, there is a lot of study pressure on students as well as having to carry many books which is not an easy task to do but now they can carry all their books in their pocket. You have to install the Document Scanner application on your mobile and you can scan and save all your books from it and you can easily open and read your books anytime anywhere. Not only this, we all like to read books while travelling, but there is a problem in taking books along, we can also scan those books and keep them on our phone and read while travelling.

Save and Convert your books into PDF:-